Our mission

To help you find your perfect workspace

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Our Mission

Today, the work community and office are no longer about the repetitive work process; ‘the rat race’. Work has become increasingly about connection, integration and collaboration.

Freelancers, entrepreneurs, start-ups and business alike seek a ‘work community connection’ and is the priority for the ‘perfect workspace’.

Choosing an office, is not just about four walls and desks, it is much more; It’s now about choosing a home away from home.

Kikmoov’s mission is to help people and business find their perfect workspace. We will find you the unfindable.

Our Values

Todays, fast growing start-up and freelancer generation flexible workspaces will soon become the most popular way of working in the UK. Kikmoov, strongly believes this is the future and was created to help make finding the perfect workspace as easy as possible.

We know from personal experience how difficult it is to easily find the perfect work solution. Not knowing what is available on the market can leave you overpaying in an unsatisfactory workspace. That is why we are matching companies with the best offices available. You are at the heart of the co-working experience.

We believe that where you work influences your overall life. After all, to feel happy you must feel like you’re at home.

Join us, and find your perfect workspace with kikmoov.
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